Rules of the Blue White Ribbon and Blue White Double

The rules are valid since 2009 and slightly altered in 2017.

This self-contained paddling expedition follows the Finnish sea coastline between Sweden and Russia. The direction may be chosen by the paddler(s).

The vessel is to be a kayak or canoe. The crew consists of one or more paddlers.

See the exact Rules of the Finnish Expedition Paddlers’ Blue White Ribbon and Bluewhite Double on our page in Finnish, Swedish and English.


 There are no age limits. There are no fees to be paid.

One end point of the expedition is at the village of Virojoki in East of Finland, the other end is Pukulmi Boat slip in Tornio (the boat slip is next to the Pukulmi road leading from the mainland to the Pukulmi Island) in Tornio. (In case one paddles also the Swedish Blå Bandet it is enough to report from the Swedish end point).

Sinivalkonauhan reitti - Blå vita bandet - Blue-white Ribbon

Sinivalkonauhan reitti – Blå vita bandet – Blue-white Ribbon

Näyttökuva 2016-06-06 kello 21.15.56

Start or end point in Virolahti, right at the Russian boarder. The red cross marks the place in the village of Virojoki.

Näyttökuva 2016-06-06 kello 21.22.42

Start or end point in Tornio, Pukulmi boat slip is right at the boarder to Sweden.

 The main idea is that the paddlers of the ribbon rely only on crew’s own abilities, skills, and navigating, and, good seamanship.  The paddler or the crew paddle all  the way without outsiders’ help.

And – as always – each paddler is  responsible for herself  or himself.

Inquiries to the person of contact of the Association.